Biogas desulfurization | Tailor-made desulfurization process to ensure system operation safety

Biogas purification is an indispensable part of the biogas production process, because H2S in biogas is a flammable colorless gas, and its aqueous solution is called hydrosulfuric acid, which is corrosive. Biogas desulfurization purification equipment is mainly used to remove H2S in biogas, prevent its corrosion to biogas combustion equipment and pipelines, and extend the service life of the equipment.

As a national high-tech enterprise focusing on technology research and development, production and sales of environmental protection equipment, and biomass biogas engineering EPC as its main business, YHR Environment can tailor a suitable desulfurization process according to the customer's biogas production, composition and use In addition, YHR Environment has also cooperated with many domestic universities in production, learning, and research to innovate and develop YHR biological desulfurization technology to escort customer projects!

Recently, YHR Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd. provided complete set of equipment supply, installation, commissioning and technical services for Hebei Keduo Food Group's 400003 biogas purification project. The purified biogas will be sent to the boiler room to be used as boiler fuel, as well as power generation and purification.

In view of the project's biogas production, biogas composition, purification purpose and biogas use, YHR Environment customized a design plan combining micro-alkaline biological desulfurization and dry desulfurization. In order to ensure that the treated biogas is more pure and has a high calorific value, the micro-alkaline biological desulfurization system adopts the aeration method outside the desulfurization reaction tower. The treated biogas does not contain nitrogen in the air and has a high methane content.


With the continuous development of biogas technology and the formation of large-scale biogas projects, comprehensive biogas utilization technology and environmental protection equipment products have become an effective resource for environmental pollution control, energy recovery, and sustainable development. YHR Environment follows the development concept of “keep innovation and ecological development”, and is committed to building a “three rural” environmental protection smart platform, which improves the utilization of renewable resources, avoids environmental pollution caused by waste, and reduces industrial, agricultural, The cost of aquaculture industry has practical significance.