Ring maintenance pig | YHR UASB Anaerobic Reactor helps!

Livestock and poultry manure contains a large amount of organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, suspended matter and pathogenic bacteria and produces malodor, which has a great impact on environmental quality. Among them, large-scale pig farm wastewater has become a major source of pollution in many areas of my country.

Since the 1950s, anaerobic treatment has gradually developed into the main method of pig farm wastewater treatment. This treatment method occupies less land, does not require oxygen, has low energy requirements, can also produce biogas, has a high organic load potential, and can degrade some parts that cannot be degraded by aerobic microorganisms. At present, the UASB anaerobic reactor is mainly used in domestic pig farm wastewater treatment.

 Talk about UASB anaerobic reactor

The UASB anaerobic reactor refers to that the wastewater enters the bottom sludge layer and the middle and upper sludge suspension area in turn through the water distribution device, and reacts with the anaerobic microorganisms in it to generate biogas, and the gas, liquid and solid mixed liquid are separated by the upper three phases After the separation, the sludge falls back to the sludge suspension area. After separation, the wastewater is discharged from the system and the anaerobic reactor that generates biogas is recovered at the same time. It is suitable for high concentration organic wastewater treatment, such as landfill leachate, breeding wastewater, slaughter wastewater, pharmaceutical wastewater, food processing wastewater, etc.

YHR Environmental UASB Anaerobic Reactor Case


As an early domestic enterprise engaged in the design and development of enamel assembled tanks. The YHR enamel assembly UASB anaerobic reactor has been used in many projects, and the New Hope Hebei Liuhe Neiqiu project is one of the recently completed. This project uses the UASB enamel assembled tank, desulfurization device and biogas gas storage film independently produced by YHR Environmental Equipment Company. After being put into production, it can treat 1050 tons of wastewater per day.

Advantages of YHR Environmental UASB Anaerobic Reactor


The UASB anaerobic reactor manufactured by YHR Environment uses high-strength enamel special steel as the base material, and uses professional sintering technology to fuse a highly inert anti-corrosion glaze layer on the surface of the base material to form a standardized steel plate module. It has multiple advantages such as strong impact load resistance, corrosion resistance, and stable operation effect.

In addition, all enamel assembled reactors are designed and produced in the factory, and the modular components are transported to the site, and are installed using special installation tools and flip-chip installation. Reduce high-altitude operations, increase installation speed, and ensure construction safety.

As a systematic project, large-scale swine wastewater treatment needs to follow ecological principles and combine multiple treatment methods to form a scientific comprehensive utilization. With the excellent product quality and excellent service quality, YHR Environment helps customers solve environmental protection problems and effectively Improve the breeding environment and reduce the threat to the surrounding environment.