YHR's new can making technology

YHR Environmental Equipment Company's standardized, modular and professional installation methods for enamel assembled tanks have created thousands of classic project cases in many industries around the world; while YHR Environmental Products has high quality, fast installation and engineering The advantage of short cycle time is that Yinghe Rui Environment has won unanimous praise from many customers in the industry. 

How to ensure product quality

The design and production of YHR environmental enamel assembly tanks are completed in the factory, which realizes factory assembly line production, while ensuring the quality of each enamel steel plate, and also reduces many problems in the construction site due to quality and safety.

How to ensure installation speed

After the modular components are transported to the site, the installation team uses special installation tools to install them in a flip-chip manner. While reducing aerial work and increasing speed, construction safety is also guaranteed.

 How to guarantee the engineering cycle

 YHR Environmental Equipment Company has nearly 30 professional enamel assembly tank installation teams. Each team has experienced, rigorous and professional project managers, and an installation team that has passed the strict installation training assessment. Use professional to ensure the installation quality and efficiently ensure the installation progress.

All along, YHR Environmental Equipment Company adheres to the corporate value of "surpassing customer expectations", serves customers, and is committed to becoming a first-class enterprise in the environmental protection field of "Sannong".