The county promotes the utilization of livestock and poultry manure resources

In 2020, in addition to combating the epidemic situation, for my country's breeding industry, the key to promote in addition to the restoration of pig production capacity is the utilization of livestock and poultry manure resources! my country is a big country for livestock and poultry farming, and ecological and environmental protection is a necessary condition for the development of animal husbandry. The waste generated by livestock and poultry is not only a rich fertilizer resource, but also a major source of pollution in the rural environment. It is a problem that the modern pig industry must focus on.

Livestock breeding finds the golden key to green development

In the past, farmers not only cultivated land and raised pigs, but also reduced the pressure on environmental protection. With the specialization and expansion of farming, the main body of cultivation and farming is separated, and environmental pressures follow. According to the statistics of the agricultural and rural departments, the annual production of livestock and poultry manure in China is about 4 billion tons, of which 40% of the livestock and poultry manure is not used or harmlessly treated, resulting in increasingly serious rural environmental pollution problems and the realization of livestock and poultry farming. Matching with environmental capacity has become an industry consensus.

It is said that "garbage is a resource that has been misplaced", as is livestock manure. On one side is the discharge of manure from livestock and poultry farming to pollute the environment, on the other side is the continuous loss of organic matter in cultivated land and the lack of clean energy in rural areas. For hog breeding, it is necessary to protect the supply and the environment. This more or less, the resource utilization of livestock and poultry manure is the "golden key" to the green development of animal husbandry.

In recent years, the agricultural and rural departments have been in full swing to carry out the establishment of a demonstration county for green development of animal husbandry, promote the comprehensive utilization of manure and the harmless treatment of sick and dead pigs throughout the county, and promote the coordinated development of live pig production and environmental protection. This year is the closing year of the "2017-2020 Notice on Promoting the Utilization of Livestock and Poultry Manure Resources for the Entire County". The "Notice" plans to complete more than 200 county-wide advancement tasks by the end of 2020. The utilization rate reaches over 90%, and the matching ratio of the equipment for the manure treatment facilities on large-scale farms reaches 100%.

YHR helps boost the environment with remarkable results

As a modern high-tech biotechnology enterprise specialized in environmental protection of agriculture and animal husbandry, agricultural recycling economy, and rural ecological governance, YHR Environment has always been a practitioner of the utilization of agricultural organic waste resources. In recent years, YHR Environment has taken agricultural organic waste treatment as the center and biogas and biogas manure production as the link, connected with breeding and ecological development, and created a new industrial chain collaborative development model to help the “utilization of livestock and poultry manure resources”. "Advance the whole county" to add natural color to a better life.

Manure resource treatment is the main problem in the development of farms. With its own technical advantages, product advantages and service advantages, YHR Environment has built a comprehensive quantified professional manure gas treatment comprehensive utilization project in Yongcheng, Henan, which is mainly used for treatment. The manure from the Yongcheng COFCO farm produces biogas through anaerobic fermentation and generates electricity, with a scale of 2MW. It adopts a third-party cooperation model with the project customer COFCO Group to collect manure treatment fees, achieving a win-win cooperation with customers and regional ecological Continue to develop.

In addition, in Xinyu, Jiangxi, YHR Environment adopts the N2N model, which uses biogas engineering and organic fertilizer production as agricultural waste resource utilization centers, combining N farming enterprises with N downstream derivative industries, such as large-scale farmers and cooperatives. , Promote the seamless connection of aquaculture and planting industrial chains, and realize the regional agricultural cycle.

I believe that with the help of YHR Environment and other enterprise new technologies and new equipment, the national agricultural pollution prevention and control will surely achieve impressive and good results, adding natural and ecological colors to the better life of the people.