Welcome the era of biomass energy with customers,YHR Environmental Attack


In the past ten years, my country has attached great importance to the adjustment of the energy structure. The era of changing the environment for the economy has gone forever. If enterprises want to embrace the future, they must find the intersection of enterprise development and environmental protection. For companies engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry, this intersection is biomass energy.


Organic waste decays into magic

Usher in approximately 196 billion yuan in new investment

Organic “waste” such as livestock and poultry manure and crop stalks will produce biogas through the fermentation of microorganisms, which can be used to purify and produce high-purity automobile fuel and pipeline gas, as well as power generation and grid connection. As a high-quality organic fertilizer to provide crop nutrition, stimulate and regulate crop growth. This measure of converting waste into biomass energy is amazing, it can be said to "turn decay into magic".

The “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” has entered the closing stage, and biomass energy is becoming a strong force in the field of new energy. It has sprung up everywhere and promoted the rapid development of the green environmental protection industry. It carries the governance of rural and urban environments, urban and rural development, Farmers' income, rural employment, and rural clean energy use are currently the most important tasks of environmental protection, people's livelihood and rural revitalization in the whole society. They play a unique and important role in promoting green and low-carbon urbanization and rural energy revolution.

With the vigorous encouragement and support of the development of renewable energy sources in China, the enthusiasm for biomass energy investment has rapidly increased, and various types of comprehensive agricultural and forestry waste projects have started construction. my country's biomass energy industry has shown an overall accelerated development trend. It is estimated that in 2020, China's biomass energy industry will have an additional investment of approximately 196 billion yuan, of which biomass power generation will have an additional investment of approximately 40 billion yuan, bio-natural gas will have an additional investment of approximately 120 billion yuan, and biomass molding fuel heating industry will have an additional investment of approximately 18 billion yuan, the new investment of biological liquid fuel is about 18 billion yuan.


Based on agriculture and animal husbandry environmental protection

YHR environment and customers win-win

Since its establishment, YHR Environmental has actively responded to the call of the national ecological civilization construction and continuously promoted the construction of ecological civilization in China with practical actions. In the utilization of agricultural organic waste resources, livestock and poultry farming wastewater treatment and high-concentration organic wastewater anaerobic technology, rural The revitalization and other fields continue to make efforts to continue to provide agricultural environmental governance solutions for many companies.

YHR Environment understands that it is not enough to provide customers with high-quality services. It is not enough to rely solely on enthusiasm. It also needs to have rules and regulations on the technical level, product quality and service concept. Provide value.

First move:Innovation first, independent research and development of core technology

As a national high-tech enterprise, YHR Environment takes scientific and technological innovation as the source of development. During the development of the company for more than a decade, it has developed SAHP and oxo cellulose hydrolysis technology, ABDP anaerobic multiplication technology, YHR biological desulfurization technology and high technology. Core technology such as concentration organic wastewater treatment technology. 

After merging and reorganizing with Guangdong Juncheng Biological Technology Co., Ltd. to Juncheng Herui Environmental Technology Group Co., Ltd., we have formed a "one institute and two centers" scientific research organization system, and established an environmental protection research institute in Guangdong, devoted to the foundation of the environmental protection field. Scientific and cutting-edge technology research; based on the original Yuncheng biotechnology team to establish the "South" research center, based on the original Beijing YHR technical team to establish the "North" research center, with Tsinghua University, Sun Yat-sen University, Renmin University of China , China Agricultural University, South China University of Technology, South China Agricultural University, Guangdong University of Technology, Nanjing Agricultural University, Southwest Forestry University, Nanchang Hangkong University and many other key universities have established good industry-university-research cooperation relations, committed to environmental protection technology and new environmental protection materials Applied research and promotion to further build the company's environmental protection core technology and core competitiveness.

Second move:Control the quality and manufacture strength products independently

In 2017, YHR Environment invested in the construction of an international first-class smart production base and officially put into production in 2019, which can provide customers with environmental protection such as enamel assembled tanks, anaerobic reactors, biogas gas storage cabinets, biogas desulfurization equipment, biogas purification equipment, etc. Equipment products.

1】Enamel assembled tank:

YHR Environment uses high-strength special enamel steel as the base material, and uses professional sintering technology to fuse a high-inert anti-corrosion glaze layer on the surface of the base material to form a standardized steel plate module. After being shipped to the construction site in a box, After quick installation with low consumption, the tank body is completed. 

2] Anaerobic reactor

The anaerobic reactor is the key core equipment for the treatment of organic solid waste and the treatment of high-concentration organic wastewater. Its low energy consumption, high organic load, and the use of biogas energy. YHR environment can be customized according to different water quality characteristics of users.

3】Biogas gas storage cabinet

YHR environmental double-membrane gas storage cabinet has many advantages such as low cost, low investment, fast installation, short stocking period, high safety performance and long service life, and is widely praised by customers. 

 4] Biogas desulfurization equipment

YHR Environment can customize the desulfurization process and provide desulfurization equipment according to the scale, composition and use of the customer's biogas project. 

 5】Biogas purification equipment

YHR's biogas purification system uses membrane separation technology, uses biogas as raw material, undergoes compression filtration, cold and dry dehydration, membrane separation and pressurization unit, and through reasonable process design, the biogas purification is prepared to meet the national standard GB18047 Compressed natural gas" or GB1817820 "natural gas" products. 

The third measure:Customer-oriented, the concept of exceeding customer expectations

Providing value to customers and helping customers succeed is the core element of YHR environmental services, and exceeding customer expectations is our core value. By optimizing the treatment process, reducing operating costs, recycling valuable "pollutants" and turning waste into treasure, so that customers can have more benefits, it is the direction of Yinghe Rui's environmental efforts.

In order to ensure the quality of customer service, YHR Environment strengthens internal standardized management, enhances service awareness, and establishes a quality committee. The quality of each project from the beginning to the end is supervised by all staff, and is exclusively responsible for the quality of customer projects.

In the future, we will follow the development concept of "resolute innovation, ecological development", and provide customers with better quality services in the spirit of "simplification, efficiency, collaboration, empowerment, innovation, hard work, inheritance, and development."