Year of Project Promotion · Dynamic Highlight: the 200,000-ton Organic Fertilizer Treatment Plant in Xiaoyi Will Come into Operation

The smelly and dirty livestock manure could be clean and green organic fertilizer by treatment. On December 16, the reporters learned from Tiandifu Biotechnology Co., Ltd., located in Xiazha Township, Xiaoyi City, that the company introduced the organic fertilizer treatment technology and equipment from Beijing Yingherui and will put the organic fertilizer treatment plant with an annual output of 200,000 tons into operation.

"In recent years, due to the mass and even excessive application of chemical fertilizers, the soil problems have become more prominent. The declined fertility, compaction and salinization of soil, and the decline in the quality of agricultural products have attracted more and more attention. As a result, organic fertilizers which are green and friendly to the nature are getting more and more popular," the project manager Wang Jinliangji said. "The animal wastes which bother the farmers are the main material we use to produce organic fertilizers. The animal manure is processed and turned into wealth, which solves the environmental pollution caused in raising animals."

"This is an organic fertilizer production workshop with an area of 6,500 square meters, and that is a fermentation workshop with an area of 3,200 square meters," Mr. Wang took the reporters to visit the plant. "The manure is fed and the nourishment is generated," he said. "The biogas residue and slurry are used to produce organic fertilizer and foliar fertilizer respectively after separation. The remaining biogas can be used for power generation, at the rate of 6,000 kWh per day; part of the power is integrated into the national grid while the rest can provide electricity and heating for 3,000 local villagers."

It is said that more than RMB 50 million has been invested into this organic fertilizer treatment plant with an annual output of 200,000 tons. After coming into operation, it can process 700,000 m3 of chicken, duck, cow and pig manure, treat 130,000 m3 of straw wastes, offer more than 200 jobs for local villagers and contribute over RMB 4.5 million taxes for the state. (By Ren Yongliang, Li Yaping & Li Bo)